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A wide variety of global manufacturing industries produce products that must be kept within a specific temperature range during the shipping process.

The problem these manufacturers face, including from the pharmaceutical, frozen food, medical fluid, chemical and other industries, is this; if that specific temperature isn’t maintained, their product risks being destroyed and lost due to a temperature excursion.

The solution to this problem are insulated pallet covers and washable rugs.

Thermal Covers Prevent Product Spoilage Due to Shipping Delays

Delays in the world’s supply chain expose pharmaceutical and other products to the risk of a temperature excursion. This is when the product is exposed to temperatures outside of the specific range that was prescribed for shipping.

For example, when a temperature-fragile product is forced to sit in a hot warehouse, or in direct sunlight, for days or even hours, the temperature excursion can destroy it.

Thermal pallet covers are insulated to reduce temperature excursions due to various causes. They surround a pallet and its contents with multiple, thin layers of state-of-the-art insulation, to keep the interior temperature stable and prevent the exterior temperature from having an adverse effect.

With thermal pallet blankets covering, for example, a pallet loaded with medical fluids, if there is a delay in the supply chain for a few hours or days the risk of product loss is reduced substantially. Further, the risk of an adverse patient effect due to spoiled medical fluids is also reduced significantly when thermal pallet covers are being utilized correctly.

Pallet Blankets and Thermal Covers Reduce Product Theft

One of the main challenges many manufactures face is the challenge of shipping their temperature-fragile products around the globe while keeping product loss to a minimum, including

Product loss can occur in several ways, including theft. Valuable high-tech equipment and pharmaceutical supplies are especially vulnerable, but this risk is reduced when pallet blankets are used as they prevent the product from being seen and identified.

Thermal pallet covers do the same but add an extra layer of thermal protection, reducing loss due to theft and to temperature fluctuations as product ships from port to port around the globe.

Thermal Pallet Covers and Pallet Blankets Protect Consumers

In the pharmaceutical, medical fluids and frozen food industries, end-consumers and patients depend on the product for help to get well or provide nutrition. If one or more of their pallets are exposed to a temperature excursion it can render the entirety of the pallet unusable.

Worse still, if the damage isn’t detected, the exposure to patients increases significantly, as do the risks they face from consuming spoiled products. The same can be said for frozen foods and beverages that have become spoiled during shipping.

Thermal pallet covers and pallet blankets protect consumers by decreasing the risk that a pallet, or multiple pallets, of a product, becomes spoiled due to UV rays, sunlight, temperature extremes and shipping delays.

Thermal Pallet Covers and Pallet Blankets Make Sound Economic Sense

The main goal of any manufacturing company is to deliver their products to market in perfect, usable, salable condition. There are various challenges facing this goal, to be sure, and thermal pallet covers and pallet blankets are the solutions to these challenges.

Thermal pallet covers and pallet blankets reduce exposure to heat, UV, light, and other contaminants. They reduce the risk of theft as well, and the risk of an adverse effect on consumers. In short, if you ship products worldwide on pallets, thermal pallet covers and pallet blankets are a sound investment.